Workers For The World Unite

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Bromsgrove Green Party has made a Banner for October 20th, with the strapline “WORKERS FOR THE WORLD UNITE!’


  1. Katrina Miller

    You’ve really got us going now! Our gang of 10 Passionate Resisters are getting together the night before the Big March for a Placard Party inspired by and including Bern from Dear Dave and Nick. We’ll post pics of the outcomes by midnight!

  2. guy

    Fantastic! Can’t wait to see them all on the site…. and on the Embankment next week.

  3. mark anthony france

    katrina and guy… What I think would be ace for Oct 20th would be a huge Street Wide Banner with pics of Badgers on it and a Bold slogan ‘SAVE THE BADGERS! CULL THE TORIES!’ … Surely someone in london or elsewhere has the space and resources to make such a banner…. The Badger Trust e-petition to parliament gained over 100,000 signatures in two weeks so this issue of the Badger Cull is certainly popular…

  4. Ronnie Lee

    Louise and I will be bringing our “Cull The Tories, Not The Badgers!” placard.

  5. guy

    Brilliant, Ronnie. If it’s finished, send us a pic!

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