We were really pleased to have a great panel of judges to spot the best protest art on 20 October. Here’s a bit more about them:


Bob and Roberta Smith bobandrobertasmith.zxq.net

Bob and Roberta (one person, two names) is one of Britain’s favourite artists. Provocative and engaging, his text-based paintings are instantly recognisable, and rarely hold back. He would like nothing more than for everyone to make their own art. So we thought he’d be the perfect judge for Make the March.

Read Bob and Roberta’s article in the Guardian about Make the March and his campaign to protect the arts in schools. On 20 October his giant ‘Letter to Michael Gove’ was carried on the march to protest against cuts to schools’ art funding.


Josie Long  josielong.com

Politicised by the regressive policies and attitudes of the Coalition government, award-winning comedian Josie Long has been driven to set up the Arts Emergency charity, champion protest group UK-uncut and take to the road on a creative protest Alternative Reality Tour (#ARTour). With a love of do-it-yourself creativity and a “trying is good” attitude, we’re delighted to have Josie as one of our judges.


Kevin Maguire @Kevin_Maguire

Low life and high politics are meat and drink to Kevin Maguire, one of the UK’s most prominent political journalists, and regular TV news contributor. He is Associate Editor at the Daily Mirror, where he writes a political column for the paper. Kevin says that if anyone beats the placard “They told me there’d be biscuits” he spotted at the March For The Alternative, he’ll buy them a cup of tea.


Ed Hall

Ed Hall is simply the master of banners. Over the last 30 years, Ed has made over 400 march banners for trade union branches and campaigns like  the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. A retired architect, Ed makes all his banners by hand in his workshop in Blackheath. On 20 October we reckon there could be 100 of his banners on show from every part of the country. It is only right he is one of the Make the March judges!

In 2011 the People’s History Museum in Manchester held an exhibition of Ed’s work, recognising his contribution to the trade union movement. You can read more about his banners on the exhibition’s site.

And here is a BBC piece on the banners Ed made for 20 October.