Stop Tering the Cunch-Ree Up-Part

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Image submitted by Lorraine Craig
Lorraine: “My 6 years and one month old daughter Eloise ran off to the kitchen table to draw this. She said “Mum, when I`m a grown-up, if this govermet is still…if people are cold and hungry… I want to join the march and I would have a hot-air balloon with “Stop Tering The Cunch Ree Up Part” and a drawing of a house being cut in half by scissors, and all the windows are smashed. And on the other side of the balloon, I could draw a house that was a happy house, and write “wot it cood be like”. She drew a smiley and a smoking chimney on the happy house. Love my girl.”

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  1. Jayne Coombes

    I had goose bumps when I saw this! A late entry and surely one of the winning five! I hope so. Eloise knew they would need fire and heat too, clever little girl. Eloise to win.

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