Heartless and spineless

Skeleton with placards

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Placard by Trish Hann: “I’m a recent graduate, about to start my career in Radiography and I’m really worried about the funding cuts and creeping privatisation of the NHS. It’s up to people like us to fight this injustice; we are all affected by it.”


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  1. Charlene Sibley

    I absolutely love this! I too am extremely concerned by the privatisation of the NHS.Thanks to the Gmb I’m proud to be able to say I’m active in the fight against regional pay in the Southwest.As many have no doubt realised this move has a hidden bonus for private corps. The workforce is made cheaper to run (wages usualy large corps biggest overhead) so when the effected hospitals fail under impossible cuts and targets, they will put the contracts out to bid. With the hospital workforce’s being the cheapest to run the Vulture’s will circle. These companys have little to no ethics and for this reason I will be joining the rally and march in London again thanks to the Gmb! Union & Proud!

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