Prize winners

Well, the results are in!

Before we reveal the judges’ favourites, a few thanks. First to our panel of judges: artist Bob and Roberta Smith, banner maker Ed Hall, comedian Josie Long and politics commentator Kevin Maguire. We’ve been really grateful for your support. Thanks also to all the contributors of articles to the News section of the site: Simon Roberts, Clifford Singer, Bern O’Donoghue, Climate Rush, Cuts Cafe and the guys at the PCS union.

Most of all, of course, thanks to everyone who over the last few weeks has shared their banners, posters, placards, umbrellaspleb biscuitssongs… It’s been brilliant to see so much anti-cuts material shooting across Twitter and Facebook. Did we encourage more people to come on the march? Who knows?! Did we demonstrate and deepen resistance to government austerity? Yes. Undoubtedly. Thank you.

OK, so now, the judges’ favourites…

In no particular order, they are:

1) ‘Toryspotting’ by student, socialist, republican, mancunian, political geek and veggie Joel Pearce (@joel_pearce)

Aneurin Bevan meets Irvine Welsh. Joel’s spoof of the Trainspotting film poster was a big hit with Bob and Roberta Smith and Josie Long.

Bob and Roberta: “It’s simply a really great graphic idea: of course the Cabinet are a gang of misfits who all went to school together and (who knows) indulge in stimulant abuse together and they will probably betray each other like in the film.”

Congrats Joel!




2) ‘Tax the rich’ by Dani Ahrens (@greenhousedani)

We couldn’t quite believe what Dani had produced when she sent it in – a crocheted placard! It soon became one of the most popular submissions on the Make the March site.

When she uploaded the piece, Dani explained she made it in protest to how cuts are hitting women and children particularly hard. She explained, ”My placard is like a baby blanket. It represents the women who keep their babies safe and comforted even when they are denied the security of a home because the government won’t make the rich pay their fair share.”

The placard  was a favourite of Ed Hall: “The sheer warmth of the blanket and the suffragette colours is inviting as it’s handmade and cuddly, contrasting with the militant message.  It seems to imply the rich would not be interested in good old home made woollens.”

Bob and Roberta also picked out Dani’s work: “It’s a well worn slogan but to make a crochet of it is both a critique of the language of protest as well as being a genuine call to arms.  It is two opposing ideas at once, it’s very clever.”


Tax The Rich



3) ‘I can’t find any way to sum up quite how bad this government is on one side of A3 paper using text legible at a distance’ by Paul (@bitoclass)

Paul and his wife Edith (@wiilassie) shared their placards with us the night before the march. Edith’s was the brilliant “Osborne: If you want first class services, you’ve got to pay for them.” A talented pair.

Kevin thought Paul’s placard was genius: “Impossible not to read the message and laugh. It’s clever yet simple, packing a political punch at the expense of the British economy.”

Bob and Roberta added: “It’s another funny graphic joke. It makes me feel melancholy  because the artist is right on so many unsaid levels.”



4) ‘I’m in control’ by Kaya Mar

Kaya’s painting shows a naked George Osborne dancing insanely amongst the wreckage of the UK economy. As yet, Kaya has not revealed how he convinced George to sit for the portrait.

Josie picked out Kaya’s work as it made her laugh immediately: “One of my favourite things on a march is how witty and inventive people are with their outrage. I think the sense of fun and sense of humour that’s an essential part of the fightback is often overlooked!”

Kevin appreciated Kaya’s work too: “Vain George will hate it and that’s good enough for me.”



5) ‘Osborne: Second class Chancellor…’ by Caroline (@carolikestoknit) and Ronnie (@ronisgreat)

At 4 o’clock on the afternoon before the march, you’ll remember Georgey Boy was having trouble understanding how public transport is paid for. By the morning Caroline and Ronnie were rubbing it in. Nice work.

Josie and Kevin loved this instant cardboard jibe. Sadly, Kevin then spoiled the moment by saying it was “just the ticket”.

Right well, there you go! Thanks again for everyone’s support over the last few weeks. We’ll keep tweeting @makethemarch here and there.
But for now, signing off.
Guy and Becky