PCS guerilla lightshow: there’s more to come

So did you see it? The anti-austerity message beamed by the Public and Commercial Services Union on to Conservative party headquarters in London has proved a big hit on Twitter and Facebook.

Earlier this month a company that specialises in guerrilla projections and photographer Andy Aitchison combined to beam the eye-catching image onto Tory HQ.

And keep your eyes peeled, there’s more to come!

Another high-profile building will be lit up in the coming days with the same message… that it’s time to say no to the government’s austerity programme, and to get ready to demonstrate on 20 October.

A spokesman from PCS, one of the largest unions in the UK , said, “PCS is proud of its reputation for leading the fightback against brutal austerity measures.

“The union is supporting the TUC anti-austerity marches on 20 October and proposes an alternative based on closing the £120 billion tax gap, job creation, defending public services and investing in big, socially useful projects, such as housing, renewable energy and public transport.

“We are challenging the government’s slash and burn approach to the public sector, every step of the way.”

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