A Future That Works: Art Workshop @ Cuts Café

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Art Workshop at Cuts Cafe, Central London. Saturday 13th October – 1pm

By Holly Webley-Naylor

For the two weeks leading up to the TUC demonstration on October 20th, Cuts Café is offering a radical space in Central London attempting to build resistance to these devastating cuts, and to explore the real alternatives to austerity.

This Saturday, Cuts Café will be hosting a collaborative art workshop inspired by the TUC’s slogan for October 20th – “A Future That Works”. Participants will be encouraged to creatively imagine their idea of an alternative future, whilst also recognizing the importance of creative activities as an act of resistance.

The workshop is inspired by a survey by George Land and Beth Jarman, who carried out creative capacity tests on five year olds and then re-tested the same children at ten years of age, and again at fifteen years of age. The results of 1,600 children shows that when we measure the creativity of young children, virtually all of them will record as being a ‘creative genius’. However, only a small percentage of adults achieve the same results. What happened?

Schools and rules have crushed creativity. We were taught to colour within the lines. We were told to follow instructions. The workshop aims to stress the importance of imagination in a culture that seems to have lost sight of it, highlighting the socio-political benefits that can derive from creativity. Art can transform the world through imagination, intensify community morale, facilitate a varied and colourful life experience and carries the potential to create dynamic opportunities for social intercourse and inclusion.

In order to create a future that works, we first need to come together and imagine what that looks like. ‘A Future That Works’, challenges adult perceptions and delights in the way children view the world, aiming to discover alternative worlds and ways of being. This collaborative celebration of childhood, imagination and community could serve as a metaphor of unity and progression with which to counter the mistakes of the grown ups, the powers that be, the old boys’ network who have always felt they know what is ‘best’ for us.

There will be more Cuts Cafe events in the run up to the march on October 20. Check out the programme now.