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Prize winners

Well, the results are in! Before we reveal the judges’ favourites, a few thanks. First to our panel of judges: artist Bob and Roberta Smith, banner maker Ed Hall, comedian Josie Long and politics commentator Kevin Maguire. We’ve been really grateful for your support. Thanks also to all the contributors of articles to the News [...]

Climate Rush: Creative visuals in protest

Alice Haywood-Booth is a founding member of Climate Rush – a female-led group taking direct action on climate change. We caught up with Alice to ask her about the use of creative visuals in Climate Rush actions… MTM: What role does visual creativity play in Climate Rush actions and messaging? Alice: Using strong visuals has [...]

Witney Postal Strike, 9 January 2011. Image by Simon Roberts
Simon Roberts: Making the economic crisis visible

Over the past two years, photographer Simon Roberts has been making a series of work examining the effects of economic austerity. Here he argues demonstrations, like 20 October, are rare opportunities for people’s anger to be seen. One of the ways we try to understand an economic crisis is through images. We are reminded of [...]

A Future That Works: Art Workshop @ Cuts Café

This Saturday, Cuts Café will be hosting a collaborative art workshop inspired by the TUC’s slogan for October 20th – “A Future That Works”. Participants will be encouraged to creatively imagine their idea of an alternative future, whilst also recognizing the importance of creative activities as an act of resistance.

Bob in his office
Bob and Roberta Smith: Make Your Own Damn Placards

We’re chuffed to bits that Bob and Roberta Smith, artist behind MAKE YOUR OWN DAMN ART and THE ART PARTY, is one of the Make The March judges.  When we met him in his office at London Metropolitan University, we asked him why marches like 20 October are important and what art he’s been impressed with [...]

Dear Dave & Nick: Letters that paint a thousand words

Since 2010, artist Bern O’Donoghue has been illustrating letters to the Coalition leaders, as well as several other politicians. Her imaginative mixed media work, documented at Dear Dave And Nick, is aimed at the public as well as the politicians who receive it in the post. She told MAKE THE MARCH about what she has [...]

PCS illuminates the Tories letterbox
PCS guerilla lightshow: there’s more to come

So did you see it? The anti-austerity message beamed by the Public and Commercial Services Union on to Conservative party headquarters in London has proved a big hit on Twitter and Facebook. Earlier this month a company that specialises in guerrilla projections and photographer Andy Aitchison combined to beam the eye-catching image onto Tory HQ. [...]

Image by Beau Bo D'or
MyDavidCameron: Putting the LOL in politics

During the 2010 election, Clifford Singer created the website, which saw hundreds of people link up to make and share spoofed Conservative Party billboards. He told MAKE THE MARCH about what he learned…

Make The March
Welcome to MAKE THE MARCH!

With two weeks to go to 20 October, it’s time to think cardboard, paint and savage wit. Plebgate? The Clegg apology? It’s not going to be hard to find a target… Rather than wait for the day, we’re asking people to use this website to share their creations in the build up to 20 October. [...]