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03.11.12 What a day 20 October was. Thousands and thousands and thousands of people showing their resistance to austerity.

And for those of us who like our protests creative, there was so much to see!  Occupy FC at St Paul’s, a hundred Robin Hoods on Embankment and even violins on Whitehall…

Thanks so much to everyone who shared their anti-cuts material through Make the March. You are all brilliant.

Bye for now!

The Make The March team


So you’ve flattened out the cardboard box. Found a pole. Got paint, tape and irony on standby.

The Con-Dems have done their bit: NHS Reform Bill, Free Schools, the Atos contract, jerry cans, George Osborne’s smile…

All you need is a spark to get you going.

Make The March

In the build up to 20 October, MAKE THE MARCH is sharing protest material that people are making for the rally.

Made something great? A placard, a banner, a video? Upload it here and share it. Need some inspiration? Have a look at what others are making… and then tweet and share the ones you like.

Cutting, witty and often darkly beautiful, anti-cuts protests have at times been staggeringly creative. Clegg as a naked Cameron’s fig leaf, the campaign of TEA CUPS AGAINST KETTLING, Claire Rayner’s beyond-the-grave promises to protect the NHS…

We know people will again be making great stuff for October 20. This site is a way for as many people as possible to see the banners, placards and costumes. It’s a chance to cut through mainstream media to show material off. And explain how and why it’s been put together.

We hope the project will inspire more people to make things, and to come on the rally. Don’t worry if the last time you did art involved crayons. Or if all you’ve got to hand are a biro and a postcard. Just have a go, and share what you come up with.

We’re also interested in any pics and videos showing how you’re making things. Whether you’re in a workshop or stenciling on the kitchen floor, it would be great to see you as well as your works of art.

Finally, we’ve five £100 prizes for our favourite placards and online graphics. Cash will go to individuals or protest groups and could help make more great anti-cuts material.

See you on the Embankment on 20 October!

Guy, Becky and the rest of the MAKE THE MARCH team

MAKE THE MARCH is grateful for the support of  Save Our Placards and False Economy. Thanks too to the TUC for putting up the prize money to get us going.